Meatless made easy

We firmly believe it should be easy to find the protein you need in the meals you want. That’s why we are always going for gold when it comes to taste. Whether you are choosing a meatless life or a meatless Monday, we make food for your lifestyle: easy plant-based meals for everyday life that don't sacrifice on taste or texture.

Why did we go to such lengths to create foods that are deliciously plant-based? Plain and simple. We know that the environmental, sustainable and health benefits are undeniable. We also believe strongly that small changes can have a big impact.

That is why Alpha makes plant-based proteins for the everyday meals you already love. So that you can change your diet without changing your life.

Simply Sustainable

Animal Welfare

Reducing our meat consumption drastically reduces animal suffering.

Healthy Planet

Choosing a plant-based diet reduces harmful emissions and land destruction.

Healthy Humans

Clean, quality ingredients mean you can feel good about the food you're eating.