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Burrito Enchiladas

Prep: 30 minutes | Serves 6 | Products Used: All-Day Burritos


  • Green enchilada sauce
  • Red enchilada sauce
  • Vegan mole sauce
  • 6 mexicali Alpha Foods burritos
  • 1 cup plain vegan yogurt
  • ½ fresh jalapeno
  • 1 tbsp pickled jalapeno brine
  • Salt / pepper to taste
  • 1 cup vegan jack cheese
  • Thinly sliced radish & serrano pepper
  • Fresh cilantro Lime wedges


  1. In a baking dish, arrange your burritos in a line next to each other.
  2. Cover 1/3 of the burritos with red sauce, 1/3 with green sauce, and 1/3 with mole sauce. Then cover with vegan jack cheese and bake according to the alpha foods oven instructions on the package, but add an additional 4 minutes.
  3. To make the jalapeno crema, in a blender add your yogurt, jalapeno, brine, and salt / pepper & blend until smooth.
  4. Once the burrito enchiladas are ready, drizzle with jalapeno crema, top with thinly sliced red radish and serrano peppers, fresh cilantro, and serve with lime wedges.